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Here is an answer to the question I have been asked. How can I help Haitians or Haiti? Well, here is another way you can help. Just be part of a group that wants to rebuild and repair the impacted homes, plant fruit trees in the plains and mountains of Haiti. Haiti Result-Oriented Relief HROR wants you to be part of something that will benefit the country in the long term.  Help One on One Project get started by funding it on Paypal.com

 Without fruit trees and other trees that will attract birds, people will not want to stay in such places. They will be on the move. Without their livestock, they have no reason to stay around. Let’s give them a reason to stay put and rebuild their devastated communities. While food, water, and medicine are immediate needs, they need to rebuild for the long term. Let’s focus on one community at a time!
This is a Person-to-Person, word-of-mouth relief effort. You will give to the people who will restore, rebuild and remain in their communities. Thanks for your attention. Pass it on!
You can contribute right now on Gofundme:  Thanks for your contribution.