Who is Sponsoring and Pushing for ‘Result-oriented Relief’ in Haiti?

Why do I do what I do?  How can I remain quiet in the face of this suffering and children’s malnourishment, and eventual famine?  I am tired of giving money without tangible results!  Let us focus on outcomes now matter how small they are since we are barely starting.  Let’s focus on long-term results!
I am a Haitian-American citizen living in California.  I still have strong roots in Haiti.  After the October 3-4, 2016 hurricane Matthew destroyed the southern peninsula where I came from, many friends, strangers, and colleagues have been asking me how they could help Haitians restore and rebuild.  Since the 2010 quake that hit Haiti and caused thousands of death, I have been thinking about offering them a way to help my country of origin while making sure that the survivors will benefit from their donations. Gofundme offers this way to help rebuild Haiti as in a Person-to-Person donation.  

By giving to ‘Haiti Result-Oriented Relief,’ you will be able to reach out to the real victims of these natural disasters.  Your funds will go directly to trustworthy Haitians who are on the ground and who know and work directly with these survivors.  In this case, my sister, a former mayor of our hometown, will be able to work closely with her neighbors and needy ones in the rebuilding process.  

Right now, we are interested in collecting funds to help rebuild and repair homes, replace destroyed plants and fruit trees.  Whether they are a two-bedroom homes or a one-bedroom home, we want to raise enough funds to buy metal sheets which are getting more expensive unfortunately.  Most of these rooftops were blown away by the 145 mph wind.
This means so much to me because  my own maternal aunts’s home was completely destroyed in the mountain of Haiti.  In addition, my adolescent friends and neighbors have a lot roof and wall damages that need to be repaired as soon as possible.  Hopefully, before the next rain falls or the next hurricane.   

The sooner I can raise this amount,  the better! This way, I will be able to send it to my sister who will coordinate and supervise the rebuilding of these homes and the replanting of plants and fruit trees.

(Please note the above picture is just an example of the wide-scale devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in areas close to the landfall.  However, the loss of crops, livestock, and rooptops is the remnant of the hurricane in its passage.  Floodings are everywhere.)

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