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Here is an answer to the question I have been asked. How can I help Haitians or Haiti? Well, here is another way you can help. Just be part of a group that wants to rebuild and repair the impacted homes, plant fruit trees in the plains and mountains of Haiti. Haiti Result-Oriented Relief HROR wants you to be part of something that will benefit the country in the long term.  Help One on One Project get started by funding it on Paypal.com

 Without fruit trees and other trees that will attract birds, people will not want to stay in such places. They will be on the move. Without their livestock, they have no reason to stay around. Let’s give them a reason to stay put and rebuild their devastated communities. While food, water, and medicine are immediate needs, they need to rebuild for the long term. Let’s focus on one community at a time!
This is a Person-to-Person, word-of-mouth relief effort. You will give to the people who will restore, rebuild and remain in their communities. Thanks for your attention. Pass it on!
You can contribute right now on Gofundme:  Thanks for your contribution.


How to Help Haiti Result-oriented Relief Get Things Done

One on One Project! We want to replace one rooftop at a time. You can help us get things done in the provinces of Haiti through paypal.me/biz2coachbiz now.

Haiti Result-oriented Relief continues to work on its projects in Haiti.  We work with needy people in good and bad times.  We do not wait for a quake or hurricane to hit Haiti to start working with the farmers, teachers, and Timachann or madan saras (merchants) on basic survival skills.  Haitian peasants need tools and funds to buy seeds to work the land.  Be part of the One on One Project promoted by Reading and Writing Biz2CoachBiz

For example, we see the needs for small business ideas to be promoted in the provinces.  These small enterprises are mom and pop businesses.  They are often owned and operated by women.  A few men join them, but the majority of small business operators in Haiti are women who risk their lives to travel all over the country to purchase crops and agricultural products to resell in major cities and open markets of Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haitien, or Les Cayes. They usually like funds to invest in these small enterprises.

We also see the needs to encourage farmers to save the topsoil by preventing erosion.  They can also invest in other forms of raising livestock, especially after the loss caused by Hurricane Matthew.  For example, raising poultry is less expensive than raising cattle.  With poultry, they can make money with the sale of eggs and chickens or turkeys.  If they want to raise goat and lamb, they can become profitable in a few years with the production of fresh milk and goat cheese.

To start with the poultry farming, the farmers may need initial funds to build a chicken coop or a the right fence for their goats.  This is not something that is new to most Haitians.  Before the destruction of native Haitian pigs, most farmers knew that they were their bank accounts for the education of their kids and for hard times.  The imported pigs from the US did not do well with the tropical weather and lack of care they required.

This is where Haiti Result-oriented Relief wants to help those farmers who want to work hard to build something for their families and the country.  You can help us help a farmer, a teacher, a small business entrepreneur or Madan Sara today.

Help us rebuild Haiti by working with our farmers (peyizan, abitan) right on Paypal.com

At this time, we are working on rebuilding homes that were destroyed by the recent quake and hurricane.  We buy the materials we need to rebuild as the funds are raised.  We are a small group of ‘do-gooders’ who do not have a lot of funds.  If you want to join us to get things done, contribute today right on Paypal.com

You can tell your friends and family members.  Bagay piti, pa chich! (Haitian proverb) (Giving a small amount shows you are not stingy).


Here are the materials (metal sheets), we currently have for the rebuilding of this house whose rooftop was blown away by Hurricane Matthew.  This family needs additional funds to purchase boards, woods, nails, chairs, bed etc.

With the meager funds we sent to this family, they were able to go downtown to purchase these metal sheets.  These funds came from the founders of Haiti Result-oriented Relief.  Help us help more needy families!


Who is Sponsoring and Pushing for ‘Result-oriented Relief’ in Haiti?

Why do I do what I do?  How can I remain quiet in the face of this suffering and children’s malnourishment, and eventual famine?  I am tired of giving money without tangible results!  Let us focus on outcomes now matter how small they are since we are barely starting.  Let’s focus on long-term results!
I am a Haitian-American citizen living in California.  I still have strong roots in Haiti.  After the October 3-4, 2016 hurricane Matthew destroyed the southern peninsula where I came from, many friends, strangers, and colleagues have been asking me how they could help Haitians restore and rebuild.  Since the 2010 quake that hit Haiti and caused thousands of death, I have been thinking about offering them a way to help my country of origin while making sure that the survivors will benefit from their donations. Gofundme offers this way to help rebuild Haiti as in a Person-to-Person donation.  

By giving to ‘Haiti Result-Oriented Relief,’ you will be able to reach out to the real victims of these natural disasters.  Your funds will go directly to trustworthy Haitians who are on the ground and who know and work directly with these survivors.  In this case, my sister, a former mayor of our hometown, will be able to work closely with her neighbors and needy ones in the rebuilding process.  

Right now, we are interested in collecting funds to help rebuild and repair homes, replace destroyed plants and fruit trees.  Whether they are a two-bedroom homes or a one-bedroom home, we want to raise enough funds to buy metal sheets which are getting more expensive unfortunately.  Most of these rooftops were blown away by the 145 mph wind.
This means so much to me because  my own maternal aunts’s home was completely destroyed in the mountain of Haiti.  In addition, my adolescent friends and neighbors have a lot roof and wall damages that need to be repaired as soon as possible.  Hopefully, before the next rain falls or the next hurricane.   

The sooner I can raise this amount,  the better! This way, I will be able to send it to my sister who will coordinate and supervise the rebuilding of these homes and the replanting of plants and fruit trees.

(Please note the above picture is just an example of the wide-scale devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in areas close to the landfall.  However, the loss of crops, livestock, and rooptops is the remnant of the hurricane in its passage.  Floodings are everywhere.)

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How can you help rebuild Haiti? How can you help Haitians Rebuild Haiti?

Start with Gofundme now:  Gofundme helps you contribute to Haiti’s rebuilding.

You can go to About HROR – Haiti Result-Oriented Relief

Pass the campaign link to your friends:  Let them know their donation to the Hurricane Matthew

You can go to FoodFuel.blogspot.com to contribute too:  Pass it on!